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Clan MacInnes-The Voyage


Fifth century Scotland was a time filled with warring tribes in the fight for control over a country. One of those tribes was the MacInnes Clan.

Elise MacInnes, the only child to Lord Aiden MacInnes, is a woman caught between doing what is right for her Clan and following her heart. When her father arranges her marriage to the heir to another Clan, Elise knows it is her duty to wed. The only problem is, Elise is not your typical proper woman. She was raised to be strong, to fight. She is about to embark on a journey that she never expected when she meets Calum Baran, a farm hand. Now she must face a new battle, to do what is right and honor the arranged marriage or to follow her heart.

The battle has only begun for Elise and the MacInnes Clan. Will they all survive or will they fall one by one to the approaching war?

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